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More Sales. More Discount.
Tag Your Discount To Sales.

Give Discounts Confidently And Profitably

Be confident and stay profitable when giving a discount on your promotion. Ensure that you get the sales you need to justify the discount given. As your discount progressively increases over time, attract more customers to your promotion online or in-store and sell more!

Business Advantages

  • No more estimating on your discount to sales yield. Just set in your promotion discount parameters and let us do the work.
  • Be assured that your given discount will always correspond with your expected sales target. Guaranteed.
  • Reward your shoppers with multiple E-Cashbacks for buying in early on their purchase. Keep them coming back for more!


Protect your profit margin! Increase your discounts progressively to attract more shoppers only when your sales improves in real-time.



Affordability goes up when your discount increases. As more shoppers buy, time to achieving your sales target gets shorter!



Early bird shoppers deserve to be rewarded! Give them as much as up to 4x E-Cashbacks for buying early and they’ll come back for more.


Of Mouth

Go viral with your promotion! When shoppers start to enjoy e-cashbacks as you sell more, they’ll get their friends and family to buy too!



Motivate your shoppers to come back again for more savings in discounts and e-cashbacks. Reward them and build on their loyalty to you.



Manage your promotional discounts and reward your shoppers too when they make a purchase. All in 1 easy to use and manage platform.

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