What Is CrowdShop?

Crowdshop is a leading Dynamic Discount solutions provider for online and in-store retailers. Built on our patent-pending RXD technology, we offer retail merchants the ability to progressively increase their promotional discount based on the sales performance of their offer.

Our Vision

CrowdShop aspires to be the bridge between offering sustainable promotions for merchants, and increased affordability for shoppers. We aim to achieve this by putting equity back into the hands of merchants through the use of our solution. As shoppers purchase more of the item, the discount increases thus making it more affordable for more shoppers to purchase. When shoppers receive E-Cashbacks on top of their discount, their spending power increases too.

The Team

Team CrowdShop is a mix of individuals coming from a diverse range of career background and experience. From digital marketing, retail store operations, enterprise sales in the telecommunications industry, and consumer electronics marketing, we have made gradual and steady progress since our inception in 2021.


Ericson Tham
Managing Director

A digital marketer with over 20 years of agency experience, Ericson is responsible for the building of strategic alliances and partnerships to further the business objectives of CrowdShop. As the Managing Director, he is tasked with spearheading CrowdShop’s penetration into targeted markets and drive product adoption by merchants in identified retail categories.


Karl Baldry
Director, Enterprise Sales

With over 20 years of corporate sales experience in the telco sector, Karl takes on a key role as the Director for Enterprise Sales. While managing our enterprise business, he helms our Malaysian office as Country Manager. A sales savvy and driven individual with a extensive network of enterprise customers, Karl is our lead for everything enterprise sales related.


Shelby Tan
Director, Operations

A marketer with several years of experience in retail marketing at Sketchers, Shelby joins us as a Director of Operations. Tapping into her multi-branch management skill and experience, Shelby manages the team across our various offices in delivering their given tasks. Our proverbial all-in-one, Shelby covers across finance, marketing, customer service, and reporting.


Chang Seng Hock
Senior Business Advisor

Co-founder & stakeholder in several SMEs, Seng Hock brings with him over 25 years of regional sales and marketing experience in the consumer electronics industry. In his past career, he was the Director for Sales & Marketing at SONY for the Asia Pacific region, and also for Warsaw, Poland. As the Senior Business Advisor, Seng Hock is our think tank for big picture planning.